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  • Joanne L Barros

Happy 7th Birthday to our Super Cooper!

Although he is not a rescue, he is the reason that we discovered Tine Kellogg and the American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue, AND adopted ABTCR alumni Milner!

Coop was the inspiration for The Cooper Chronicles, which was the inspiration for the Milner Monologues, both of which were the inspirations for my children's book Love Those Crazy Coonhounds (which is narrated by Cooper).

In true Coonhound fashion, he managed to eat something disgusting on our 4 mile walk this morning (I don't like to think about it but I believe a kitty was involved), and promptly jumped into my Coonhound proof flower bed when we got home to try to catch a lizard!

I often think about how Cooper rescued us from a dull, sedate, life of never knowing what it is like to look into his beautiful soulful eyes, or to get absolutely no eye contact or acknowledgement when his nose is to the ground.

I love you Super Cooper.

Happy Birthday!

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