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  • Joanne L Barros

The Beginning of a Friendship

The Cooper Chronicles:

The other night Cooper sat us down and told us that he loves us but that he felt there was something missing in his life.

He missed us so much when we were gone, and he felt that if he could just have a little brother or sister, he wouldn't be so lonely when we were away.

He said that he would love he or she with all of his heart and he promised he would never steal any food, or tear up a couch, or even eat deer poop ever again if we would just get him a little brother or sister (we noticed his toes were crossed behind his back on that last one).

So John and I decided to talk with Tine at Coop's doggy daycare about the possibility of fostering a dog with the intention of adopting.

We were looking for a female around Coop's age, we wouldn't be ready for at least a week, needed to get a few things, we have a new gate going in on know, we were going to be very prepared for this new dog in our lives.

Then Milner walked in the room and the next thing I knew we were heading home, and I was sitting in the back seat of our car with Milner, telling him about his new home.

Meet Cooper's little brother Milner; he is just about two weeks younger than Cooper, a Black and Tan Coonhound (Cooper is a Redbone Coonhound) and since he was the runt of the litter, Coop outweighs him by at least twenty pounds. He was surrendered by his family who lived in a condo and didn't feel he was a good fit with their lifestyle.

Cooper is "Over the Moon" over his new little brother. I overheard him tell Milner that he would show him the best sticks to chew on and the best places to lay in the sun.

He told him about the giant garbage truck they get to bark at, his best friend Molly, and the other dogs in the neighborhood they will get to see on their walks.

Cooper did take me aside to tell me that he loves Milner, and it hurts his heart to see the sadness in his eyes, but that sometimes when I am hugging Milner he gets a little jealous and is afraid I won't love him as much as I love Milner.

I said oh Cooper, I do love you so. That's the wonderful thing about our hearts. They're capable of loving multiple humans, dogs, cats, and friends.

The more a heart loves, the more its capacity to love grows. I love you Cooper and that will never ever change.

And we will all love Milner, and the sadness will leave his eyes. I am so very proud of you Cooper, and I know that because of your big heart you will make a wonderful big brother to Milner.

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1 comentario

28 jun 2023

I remember the conversation at the Wellness Center that began your search for a sibling for Cooper... and the conversation about turning their adventures into a book. Well done, my friend... very well done!

Me gusta
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