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Cooper and Milner are Coonhounds—and best friends! Even though they play, snuggle, and have lots of fun, sometimes friends disagree. Can two crazy dogs learn to stay close when things don’t go their way?


Cooper and Milner have been there for each other ever since they were rescued by an amazing pair of human parents. Now, they love to play outside, chase each other around the house—and sometimes even get into a little trouble! When one of them is sick, lonely, or having a bad day, they cuddle together to keep each other company.


But friends like Cooper and Milner don’t always see eye to eye. When that happens, they have to rely on the power of love to deepen their friendship. Thanks to their strong bonds with each other, and with a little help from their human family, Cooper and Milner learn how important it is to treat friends with care.


Written by Joanne L. Barros, real-life dog mom, Love Those Crazy Coonhounds is a lovingly crafted story for children and dog fans of all ages. Based on the true adventures of two sweet, silly pets, this story is the perfect gift for anyone who knows a dog (or two) with personality!

10% of any royalties will be donated to The American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue.

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